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WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts


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WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts


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Designed to Meet the Demanding Needs of
Today's Professional Operator


Your business depends on a wide range of road service applications.  The Vulcan 896/897 Medium Duty Series offers you the power, versatility and dependable performance to satisfy that wide range of requirements such as motor homes, delivery vans and autos.
The separate boom and underlift controls along with Vulcan's patented strapless wheel lift hook up are just a few of the user friendly features that sets Vulcan far ahead of the competition.
For more information on how the Vulcan 896/897 can help meet your demands and increase your profit contact your local Vulcan distributor.


 Vulcan's Patented 6,500 lb. Wheel Retainer
 Wheel Lift System
 Dual Wheel Lift Control Stations Located
 at the Tailboard
 Tandem Hydraulic Pump  Dual Lift Cylinders on Recovery Boom
 Body Width 94"  Dual Hydraulic Tanks on 897
 Free Spool Handles  Tailboard Chain Pockets for Safety Chains
 Cable Tensioners  Wheel Retainer Storage Pockets Built into
 Independent Wheel Lift Tilt  Dual Boom Control Stations Located on Deck
 Wheel Lift Safety Chains  2" Steel Fenderettes
 Mud Flaps  Safety Chain Guards
 FMVSS Lighting  Conventional Sling Support Brackets
 84" Cab to Axle Steel Body with 2 Tool
 Compartments Per Side
 (tunnel on Front compartment)
 1 Set of 3" Low Profile Frame Fork & Holders


 SP 12000  Emergency Lighting
 24" or 36" Spacer Toolboxes  Dress-Up Packages
 Sling  Trailer Hitch
 PTO  3" or 4" Fenderettes
 Light Pylons  Wheel Simulators
 Other Lifting Attachments  6,000 lb. Car Wheel Retainers


896 897
Recovery Boom: Retracted
Extended at 34° (TEMA)
Maximum Lift Angle
Maximum Hook Height
Reach Past Tailboard Lowered
 24,000 lbs.
 10,000 lbs.
 28,000 lbs.
 12,000 lbs.
Winch:  896 - Planetary
897 - Worm Gear
 12,000 lbs.
 14,000 lbs.
Cable: Per Winch  7/16" x 150'  1/2" x 150'
Cab to Axle:  (clear) Min. (Standard Body)
Max. (with Spacer Boxes)
Suggested Chassis: GVWR  25,000 lbs.  25,000 lbs.
Underlift: Lift Capacity Extended with Forks
Lift Capacity Extended on Wheel Lift
Tilt Capacity Fully Extended 2/Forks
Maximum Reach to Center of Forks
Tow Rating
 8,000 lbs.
 6,500 lbs.
 10,000 lbs.
 26,000 lbs.
 8,000 lbs.
 6,500 lbs.
 10,500 lbs.
 26,000 lbs.
 NOTE:  All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities.
Vulcan reserves the right, without notice and without obligation, to improve or modify products, which may change the specification, models and feature     availability.
 Some optional equipment may be shown.  Other Vulcan Towing and Recovery Equipment is available from your local Vulcan Distributor.

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